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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

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Tokyo-DIY-Gardening celebrates ordinary and extraordinary efforts to bring nature into the world’s largest city. In a space more known for concrete and commerce, growing plants for ornament and food is fun, social, and magical.

Tokyo-DIY-Gardening is an open sourcebook and resource for urban gardening on a personal level – “hands-on gardening for a crowded city”. It includes ‘how-to’ examples/instructions, photo essays, observations, interviews, articles and more with the aim of knowledge sharing and creation around low-cost, agile gardening in dense cities (with a focus on Tokyo).
The DIY element invites everyone to experiment, share, and create a garden regardless of how little soil, space, budget, or experience you have. Gardening is fun for seniors, children, cooks, bird-watchers, and all of us who spend most of our time in the city.

Tokyo DIY Gardening is a project by Jared Braiterman, Chris Berthelsen and collaborators, and we invite active collaboration/participation. Send in your photos and stories about cool neighborhood gardens that you think are special or inspiring. We have a soft spot for recycled materials, volunteer plants, and urban wildlife – [more details here].

Email: chris@a-small-lab.com

What gardens inspire you?