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Beloperone guttata or little shrimp plant (コエビソウ) growing between 2 walls

Growing in a crack between two walls, I spotted this gorgeous red flower. Tokyo’s ample rainfall allows plants to thrive in the most unlikely places. I love how the flowers provide a concentrated does of fall color. I looked in various plant books but couldn’t find the name. Does anyone know its name in English or Japanese? My readers identified it for me: Beloperone guttata in Latin, or コエビソウ (little shrimp plant ) in Japanese. It is related to a Japanese native plant called キツネノタマゴ(fox’s eggs): http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/キツネノマゴ
Here are some context shots. I love how it fills this dead space, and how the vibrancy of the plant contrasts with the rusting and peeling rail.

Flowers are naturally transitory. This independent plant’s life was even shorter. I took the photos on October 6. Less than two weeks later, I realized that the plant had been either uprooted or poisoned. It is gone without a trace.

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