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Concrete Curbside Planter
Concrete Curbside Planter
Concrete Curbside Planter

This concrete curbside planter adds a permanent garden in the narrow space between wall and curb. The potplants wedged between the end of the planter/wall and the next residence hide the void and make it difficult for neighbourhood pets/pests to make a home there.

Materials: Concrete
Location: Yanaka, Tokyo

2 Contributions
  1. ~fer

    Very nice
    Certanly tokyo style, i see planters like this everywhere around tokyo, is a very nice way to use the space.

    Sep 06, 2010

  2. Chris

    It’s amazing how many of these planters were actually created ‘off the cuff’ – unplanned, and using recycled materials “that were lying around”. Given time they all take on a feel of permanence and grace.

    Sep 06, 2010

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