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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Curbside Succulent Space in Concrete and Rocks

Garden space created on the curb in front of a residential wall on a narrow street. The owner of the property did not want to encroach on the already scarce road space so she constructed a planter from rocks and concrete right on top of the curb.

The limited volume of the created space necessitated the planting of hardy succulents (the owner noted that she had tried to grow other flowers but they didn’t work out). She was so confident of their hardiness that she picked a few off and offered them to me to take home. Fantastic!

When quizzed about the origins of the design, she confessed that she hadn’t seen the idea anywhere else – it just ‘popped’ into her head as a suitable solution.

This solution illustrates a number of important elements of urban gardening: Working within extremely tight resource limitations; Sensitivity to your neighbours and the surroundings; Practical and appropriate choice of plants.

Materials: Concrete, Rocks
Location: Akishima, Tokyo

The Takeaway Small spaces hold plenty of opportunity for meaningful development. Choose your plants wisely.

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