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Joseph Tame’s Gardening

Broccoli Sprouts by Joseph Tame
Homegrown Aubergine by Joseph Tame
Joseph Tame's Magic Bean
Joseph Tame's Magic Bean
Sunflower by Joseph Tame

[Guest Post from Joseph Tame, Tokyo-based freelance marketing manager, new media producer, entrepreneur, performer and marathoner.]

My father has always been a keen organic gardener, and as a child I’d love to help him in the greenhouse planting seeds or potting on. We had a large garden on the Welsh border, and much of it was dedicated to fruit and vegetables; such was the variety that there was little need to buy produce from the supermarket.

It wasn’t long after myself and my wife moved back to Tokyo that my green background started showing itself. It began with a few basil and parsley plants from the local supermarket. Joining those were a couple of Aloe Vera, a Magic Bean, heather, ivy, boke, strawberries, shiso, mint and a collection of flowering annuals. These all sat out on our east-facing balcony which overlooks a park, partly shaded by a large cherry tree.

On our south-west facing outdoor are we’ve had courgettes and tomatoes. These have done pretty well, although with such limited space the harvest only lasting one meal, I’ve since decided to focus on more interesting plants.

Having been brought up in the countryside, I find living in the city with its relative lack of greenery quite challenging at times. And whilst it’s not exactly on the scale that I was used to as a child, doing a little gardening brings me a great deal of pleasure, and helps me feel a lot more in touch with the environment within which I live.

[Check out Joseph's fantastic pinepple plant here]

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