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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Lush Green Wall in Pots & Planters

This green wall is constructed from planters hung on a basic residential fence covered with a vine. The green wall continues to the curbside and gutter through planters placed on breeze blocks and bricks…..and a cute little donkey planter for extra spice. The ramshackle mix ‘n’ match assemblage of plants lends this green wall a deeply lush, relaxed air.

Netting at the back of the construction (see top image) indicates the possible intention to extend the garden to the roof – creating shade and privacy in the summer months (like a living sudare (簾:すだれ)).

Materials: Pots, Planters, Bricks, Breeze Blocks, Netting
Location: Akishima, Tokyo

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