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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Mapping Green Spaces Large and Small

Thanks to Joan Bailey for this great roundup of our 3331 Arts Chiyoda Workshop, posted on greenz.jp

More than 25 people gathered last Saturday evening with scissors, markers, crayons, duct tape, and string to map out Tokyo’s everyday green spaces – large and small – during the first Tokyo DIY Gardening workshop. Held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, a brand new arts space in a former junior high school, the workshop attracted attendees from all across the city…..[Keep reading at greenz.jp]

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  1. ~fer

    What a great project!
    when will you have another workshop?

    Sep 02, 2010

  2. Chris

    We are just digitizing the map and preparing to report on the workshop. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do another one later in the year.

    A friend of mine is doing a series of similar workshops this month: http://www.shibanoie.net/2010/08/27/cnp_yokoku/ – check it out!

    Sep 02, 2010

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