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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Pansies in a Sidewalk Crack

In the world’s largest mega-city, Tokyo residents create gardens in small public spaces outside apartment buildings, shops and homes. Even a crack in the sidewalk can be a place to grow a flower.

Most Japanese consider urban gardening so common as to be unremarkable. But by creating green spaces in dense urban areas, Tokyo residents have created a livable city connecting urban residents to the environment and to each other. Tokyo’s urban green spaces can contribute ideas that improve urban life in United States and global cities.

Tokyo’s streets are already more green than most developed and developing cities. Overlapping rail and subway lines provide fast, convenient and clean movement. Stations are connected to residential neighborhoods by 商店街 (shoutengai, or pedestrian-only commercial streets) and a web of 路地 (roji, small streets and alleys). Residents garden in median strips, in front of homes and apartments, and on balconies. Tokyo has many rivers and parks………

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