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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Personal Impact of Urban Green Space

Personal Impact of Urban Green Space | 都市緑化の個人的影響 [3331 Arts CYD Tokyo-DIY-Gardening Workshop Brief Report]

“DIY gardening springs from very personal desires and satisfactions. There is often a gap between planning and social ideas and what motivates individuals to act. Improving cities requires viewing problems and solutions from social and personal perspectives.”

Based on informal chats, discussions, interviews, our own experience, and research into Tokyo’s informal landscapes (especially the great work of Mariluise Jonas) we can view the personal desires, motivations and rewards of urban gardening along two axes:
(1) Time (Long Term → Immediate reward)
(2) Function (Practical → Emotional reasons)

The Personal Impact of Green Space

Examples Include:
> Social Norms – “Everyone has a garden around here; It’s what we do”
> Tradition – “My grandparents and parents cared for this garden”
> Memory – “I got this plant on a trip to Kamakura, and this one was given to me by my daughter”
> Community – A starting point for discussions and friendship; Being out on the street tending the plants fosters daily interaction and communication.
> Affordable – “It’s a cheap and fun hobby”
> Practical – Privacy, Shade, Food
> Beauty – Visual qualities
> Mutual Independence – Like a pet, or child.
> Pleasure – Scent, Taste, Fun etc…

[This diagram was presented as part of the Tokyo-DIY-Gardening workshop at 3331 Arts CYD on August 21 2010. Over the next few weeks, as work progresses on digitizing the map created in the workshop, more resources and output will be posted here]

Diagram: Jared Braiterman and Chris Berthelsen (based partly on dicussion in Jonas, M. 2007. Private use of public open space in Tokyo. A study of the hybrid landscape of Tokyo’s informal gardens. Journal of Landscape Architecture. Autumn, 2007.)
Diagram design: Jared Braiterman
Translation: Shu Kuge

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    [...] and the energy to realize them. He’s already shared one small portion of the presentation: a model of the personal impact of urban green space. We will be sharing various slices of the green map once we’ve sorted out the [...]

    Sep 03, 2010

  2. ~fer

    Great concept!
    You can see all the good points of gardening

    can’t wait to see that map

    Sep 04, 2010

  3. Chris


    You can see a bit about the map we all made on the 3331 website: http://www.3331.jp/news/en/201008/000564.html and http://www.3331.jp/news/en/201009/000587.html

    Being able to map out the personal impacts of urban green space like this helps when discussing urban (re)development…..you can’t just throw in another green space to easily replace the one that you are destroying (which would be focusing on things like beauty, pleasure etc)..other dimensions are also important (but often neglected)….

    Sep 06, 2010

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    [...] Gardens are not just about plants. They are also about making a place that is ‘yours’ (though not necessarily exclusively) for rest, contemplation, pleasure, more practical uses and other personal benefits (see our ‘Personal Impact of Urban Green Space’ model) [...]

    Sep 16, 2010

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    [...] This elaborate construction keeps the roadside garden neat and tidy, and out of the way of passing traffic. I love the way the creator has made practical and fun use of objects from other hobbies in the garden – an example of the memory and play aspects of gardening. [...]

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    [...] Cooperatively creating a map reflected the inherent hands-on quality of gardening, while sharing and deepening their understanding of green space. The map also effectively mimicked, albeit on a small scale, the way these spaces – public and private, large and small – mosaic together to create Tokyo’s unique urban environment. [...]

    Nov 02, 2010

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