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Sidewalk sunflowers

I love the small strips of green space between the sidewalk and the street.

Generally, orderly bushes like azaleas are maintained by the local government. But there is always also a mix of volunteers plants and volunteer gardeners. In the scorching heat of July, these sunflowers are well over two meters tall. A week after taking this photo, I saw that the flowers had opened.

Location: Sendagaya, Tokyo

(Originally posted on Tokyo Green Space)

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  1. Tokyo DIY Gardening » Archive » Giant sidewalk sunflowers in full bloom

    [...] These giant sidewalk sunflowers are in full bloom and towering over the pedestrians. I am amazed by their height, and the cheer they bring to this marginal space between the sidewalk and street in Sendagaya. They are much taller now than just a few weeks ago. [...]

    Sep 08, 2010

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