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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Small Places of Anarchy in the City

“The qualities of a city like Tokyo that is parts-oriented to begin with, although appearing chaotic and lacking any principle or order, may at last be appreciated in the coming age.” Yoshinobu Ashihara.

Tokyo, a city of parts where the individual defines the large scale shows the elimination of the hierarchical city, quietly dismissing accumulated forms of power in favour of a situation in which everyone is free to realize their possibilities. Tokyo makes it possible for slim segments of the population to generate their own environments in scattered oases of a vast metroscape. What emerges here is the idea of the city of unimposed order, consisting of communal self-determination on one hand and individual freedom on the other. Here authority is practical, rather than absolute or permanent, and based in communication, negotiation……continue reading on This Big City

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