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Supplying water in hot weather
Supplying water in hot weather

The fantastic Green Curtain Tokyo 緑のカーテン日記 introduces this great summer watering technique – explains Tak, one half of the team behind the site (the other is an almost 4-year-old daughter) –

“I’ve been putting water in PET bottles of various sizes and sticking them upside down into the soil, about 10cm down. I make a small hole in the soil, just enough for the bottle top to fit, and then with a full bottle quickly turn it upside down and drive it into the soil. I began with the smaller 16 oz bottles, but those would lose water quickly. Instead I have been using 1.5 or 2 liter bottles and they seem to last a few days before a refill.

So I wouldn’t call this makeshift solution a “system.” I would rather set up a real water delivery system, but that would cost an arm and a leg! It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing in this heat.”

Check out Green Curtain Tokyo 緑のカーテン日記 for a wonderful, detailed look into a green curtain experiment.

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