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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

[Map Detail] Tokyo DIY Gardening Workshop

A small sample of detail images from the Tokyo map created during last August’s Tokyo-DIY-Gardening workshop at 3331 Arts Chiyoda [Workshop Review Link]
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List of Details (Click images to enlarge)

Creation in North-West Tokyo
A strange and unexplained addition to the environment of North-West Tokyo.
Status: Imagined
Tamako (Lake Tama)
A man-made lake in the suburbs of West Tokyo (Higashiyamato), near the border with Saitama. A cycling track which starts in Nishi-Tokyo City runs around the lake. Also home to a number of haikyo (ruins).
Status: Existing
Parking Forest
Someone took my black and white image of a run-down industrial storage/parking area and turned it into a green paradise complete with roof-top dancing near Lake Tama in Higashiyamato.
Status: Imagined
Row Houses
Traditional dwellings brightened up with asagao (morning glory), PET bottle windmills (to frighten away the birds) and .
Status: Generalization of Reality
Aerial view of West Tokyo, just above the Tamagawa-Josui which flows 43km from Hamura (far Western Tokyo) through to Shinjuku. The broad stroke of green is an imagining of the road commonly called Yamate-Dori.
Status: Alteration to Existing
Tunnel of Trees
A wild place to put away your cellphone and enjoy nature. A 50m long almost deserted ‘tunnel’ of wild trees and lots of worms!
Contributed by: Aoyama.
Status: Existing.

Sky Tree
A view of the shitamachi area around the Tokyo Sky Tree in between the Arakawa and Sumida rivers. At the left is Asakusa.
Status: Exisiting/Under Construction
Showa-Kinen Koen
Showa-Kinen Koen (park) is a man-made park located 35km to the west of the center of Tokyo city. Park management focuses on both planned and wild environments. It also has an impressive collection of bonsai.
Status: Existing
Kawa-Kudari Boat
A cute little boat heading downstream along the Tamagawa-josui towards Tokyo. Unfortunately this must be a dream, or from the distant past. Now the canal is inaccessible except at predetermined points. It is, however, a lovely shaded walk.
Status: A dream?
Interpretation of Ikebukuro in Toshima-Ku.
District of Constructive Nostaligia
“A zone liberated from invasion by nature, in which nostalgic dreams of 20th Century utopias can still be indulged.”
Contributed By: Julian Worrall
Status: Proposed
District of Constructive Nostaligia Detail
For: Unrepentant constructivists, retired or unemployed architects, aging skateboarders, urban traceurs and dancers.
Where: Gokokuji Hill (Near St. Mary’s Cathedral by Tange)
Shitamachi Detail
In both older individual residences and newer large-scale apartment complexes in Sumida and Koto wards green constructions are thick on the ground, and up the walls
Status: Existing
Narita Airport
Almost 60km to the East of Tokyo station lies its main airport – Narita International Airport. Far out in the countryside, the airport is surrounded by small and large-scale agriculture.
Status: Existing
View over the city from Tachikawa
A view over the city from a vantage point in Tachikawa, West Tokyo.
Kunitachi Gardens
An illustration of the gardens that grow out near Kunitachi, along the JR Chuo-Line which runs East-West through Tokyo.
Status: Generalization of Reality
View through to Shinjuku
View through pylons to Shinjuku.
Shinjuku Central
Overhead shot of Shinjuku.
Central Tokyo Slash and Burn
Neha and Eri propose a ‘slash and burn’ approach to creating fields for planting in Iidabashi.
Status: Proposed
Imperial Palace Overview
Aerial view centering on the Imperial Palace. Tokyo Station is to the right (East) and Tokyo Tower and Shinagawa Station to the South. Also depicted are Ark Hills and Tokyo Midtown developments in Minato-ku.
Status: Existing
Tachikawa Overview
This aerial shot illustrates the Tachikawa end of the Chuo-line that runs East-West through Tokyo. The green strip to the right signifies Kunitachi’s ‘Daigaku-Dori’ (University Street) along which Hitotsubashi University is situated.
Kunitachi Daigaku Dori
Kunitachi’s ‘Daigaku-Dori’ (University Street) along which Hitotsubashi University is situated.
Status: Existing
Inokashira Koen
Inokashira Park, to the South of Kichijoji Station on the Chuo-Line.
Status: Existing
Inokashira Koen Detail
Origami crane resting in Inokashira Koen (Park).
Shinjuku Aerial View
Aerial shot of Shinjuku, looking over Meiji Jingu [Meiji Jingu images].
Shibuya Overview
Overview of Shibuya [Shibuya images]. The orange origami paper in the middle represents the ‘urban oasis’ of Aoyama Cemetery
Midosha (Green Cars)
Vehicles sprout plants to prevent overheating and frustration on hot days and in long Shuto Expressway traffic jams.
Status: Proposed
Shitamachi Overview
Aerial view of the shitamachi area. In the middle of the picture a train line encased in informal creeping gardens [like this] is depicted.
Mama no Wakimizu
Mama no Wakimizu – a spring in Kunitachi.
Street Scene
A black and white photo of Shibuya’s Miyamasuzaka has its green canopy rendered in coloured pencil.
Status: Existing
Shibuya Sprouts!
Wouldn’t it be lovely if the area around Shibuya station sprouted a bit more green? (Would this result in more, or less cat sized rats?)
Status: Wished for
Kaze (Wind)
More wind! Everywhere!
Status: Wished for
Two Houses (Detail)
Two simple, traditional Japanese residences.
Need Green!
More green around my office near the port please, says Kyomi.
Status: Wanted!
Shitamachi Detail
Detail view of the shitamachi area.
Tokyo Disneyland
Interesting to see the candy colours of Tokyo Disneyland popping up amongst the green and grey of Tokyo.
Status: Existing
View over the city from Disneyland
Looking over the city from a vantage point in Chiba.
Tonight, it’s Curry
After a hard day working or playing, curry-rice always hits the spot!
Status: Once a week
South Mid-West Tokyo Aerial View
View of West Tokyo, South of the Chuo-line (in red). The Kanda River flows from Inokashira Koen. Meiji Jingu is on the right. The blue line at the bottom represents the Tama River (Tamagawa).
Too Many Crows!
“Too many crows in Rinshi-no-Mori Park in Meguro!” says Yukie Iwaha.
Flower Farm in Shibuya
Eri Umeno reckons that it’s time to build a flower farm for all the people in Shibuya.
Status: Proposed
Lower Yamanote Overview
Representation of the area around the Southern half of the Yamanote Line.
Biru no Mori (Forest of Buildings)
A forest constructed of buildings is proposed for Odaiba by Miju – because “there’s no land”.
Sea Forest in Tokyo Bay
Japanese architect Tadao Ando‘s Umi-no-Mori project to turn an island of garbage piled up in Tokyo Bay into a forest – [Project Website (English)].
Status: In Progress
Visiting Bush
This little shrub popped up in the workshop out of nowhere….now resident in my living room.
Status: Awaiting a better home
Midori no Kaidan (Green Stairs)
Neha and Eri plan a lovely staircase of flowers and other plants to brighten up the ups and downs of those that use it.
Status: Proposed

Photos: Emma Ota (thanks!), Jared Braiterman, Chris Berthelsen
Images: Tokyo-DIY-Gardening Workshop Participants

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