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Tokyo DIY Gardening Hands-on gardening for a crowded city

Tokyo’s Non-Intentional Landscape

We’re almost done with putting the finishing touches on the first publication based on Tokyo-DIY-Gardening (and inspired by – among many – Tokyo Green Space and FIXing Tokyo).

You can follow updates on the publication here: http://non-intentional-landscape.a-small-lab.com/

Pre-Order the richly illustrated text for $5 and when it’s ready we’ll send you:
> Screen Quailty PDF (approx. 150p of text & images) (screen quality PDF).
> Print Quality (A5, 300dpi) PDF of above in case you want to run off a copy at your favourite POD service.
> Very clear, linked, and annotated inventory of all resources.
> High-res versions of all images used in the publication (in case you want to use them in your own work, or decorate your home or office).
> Access to the google document where you can comment and strongly suggest further directions that match your interests. I’m not trying to get free labour – if we come up with something good we should work on it together.

This is only for people interested (and/or kind) enough to pre-order… once on sale the text will be waaay more than $5… like $10… or maybe $8… and won’t include google docz access…. This seems like a good strategy to get people to not buy it at all…but what can you do….


Along with your financial support, you’ll provide some much needed confidence and motivation…..

The money will go towards paying our (4 humans – 2 older, 2 much younger) rent, food, and life expenses. This will mean that we can continue researching,making, and sharing stuff without doing something stupid (for everyone involved) to pay our way.

The confidence and motivation will help me put the finishing touches on this publication…. I cannot assure you that it will make sense, but I do believe that it will be of use to you.


Here’s the link: https://gumroad.com/l/non-intentional-landscape

Click for Pre-Order Details for: Tokyo's Non-Intentional Landscape

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