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Water Garden
Byron Kidd's Water Garden
Byron Kidd's Water Garden
Byron Kidd's Water Garden
Byron Kidd's Water Garden

[Guest Post from Byron Kidd]

I’ve always loved a garden with a fish pond, right from when I was a child. But as it turns out you don’t even need a garden in order to have your very on fish pond as is demonstrated by the simple container water garden my daughters and I are establishing on our 4th floor balcony.

As the larger ceramic pots can be quite expensive, and we had to get ours home by bicycle, we settled on a pot with a radius of roughly 50cm. Before adding the potted water lilly we lined the bottom of the pot with pebbles from our aquarium purely for effect. Now that the water lilly is slightly more established I’d like to add some floating plants such as water lettuce.

Once the pot had been standing for a couple of days we transferred our last remaining goldfish from the indoor aquarium to the water garden on our balcony, that was almost 2 months ago, and he is still going strong. Just a few days ago I witnessed our once domesticated goldfish rise up from the deep and devour a small insect that was struggling on the surface of the water. I have read that goldfish and medaka will eat any mosquito eggs that may end up in your water garden too. If your water garden is at ground level don’t be surprised if you find tadpoles in there one morning, even if you do live in the suburbs of Tokyo!

So if you want to try gardening with a difference but are pushed for space I’d highly recommend the rewarding experience of establishing a water garden complete with wildlife.

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